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Lavender Massage Candle

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Whether you are looking to relax or have a romantic night with your lover. This massage candle has all the perfect ingredients to accomplish your goals for the night. This candle will moisturize your skin and is also great for couple massages  The warmth of the massage oil on your body will feel so good and the smell of lavender will have you relaxed and calm. Order your lavender Massage Oil candle today and turn your home into your personal spa.

Note: see directions and tips on how to burn candle below.

Lavender Massage Oil Candle


  • 100% Soy wax ( safe to use on skin )
  • Shea butter
  • Cocoa butter
  • Almond Oil
  • Lavender essential oils
  • 8 oz tin


(please read directions and tips before burning candle)

Burn Massage candle for 30 minutes until the wax has a nice pool fully across the top of the candle. have a full pool of melted wax across the top of the candle will keep the candle from tunneling. Extinguish the flame, test the melted wax temperature with your finger before pouring. Pour wax into hand before applying to skin.

Candle burning Tips

1. To avoid tunneling burn candle long enough to have a melting pool that stretches across the top of the candle.
2. Do not burn longer than 2 hours at a time
3. Discontinue if skin becomes irritated
4. Always Extinguish the flame before attempting to pour or test wax.
5. Always test the temperature of the wax before applying to the skin.
6. Be mindful before pouring! make sure tin isn't hot to touch

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