There just aren’t enough hours in a day!!

So, as you have read before, I started this business because I wanted to get out of the rat race and become my own boss. I wanted to be home with the kids when they got out of school and spend quality time with my husband and 1 year old son during the morning hours.

Well, I defiantly got what I asked for. I’m getting so much quality time with them that I find myself not having enough hours in the day!! I rarely have enough time to complete any meaningful tasks!!


Every morning I’m up early helping our middle child (Chad) get dressed for school and off to the bus stop. Once he’s on the bus, I’m ready to sneak in some work.  You know, check my email, gather my thoughts and execute my plans to take over the world, like Pinky and the Brain. I try to do this before my toddler (Cairo) wakes up for the day. He’s a late sleeper and I intentionally leave him undisturbed just so that I can get this time. Those plans to sneak in work come to a screeching halt even more because my dear sweet husband needs his breakfast every morning!!!

Now, I know what you’re thinking “he can make his own breakfast!!!” Yes, this statement is very true, and some days he does. But, I would get interrupted with questions like “Where is this?” and “Where is that?” or “How do I make this?” and “How do I make that?” It’s just less time for me to do it myself. Inopportunely, by the time I’m done with breakfast the toddler is up and ready to take on the day.


So, the little one is up and now I can throw work out the window . . . SMH. There’s no time to gather my thoughts and it’s time to dive right into the day. I feed the kid and hubby all while trying to create a social media post or think of cool emails to send to my subscribers.  Hey, I try to make it work chasing a toddler and writing a blog in between his nap time and before I know it, it’s 3:00 and the kids are coming in from school. The whole day has passed and I have no work to show for it!! UGH!!

Yikes!! Now, what am I going to do? It’s 6pm and I must make dinner, make candles, continue to chase a toddler and produce creative content for my audience for the next day.


So, I find myself up until 3am planning my next day and fulfilling candle orders. . . All while feeling “TIDE” tired. Lol. But, one thing is for sure, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything in the world. I love it!! It may feel like I don’t have a lot of hours in the day, but the hours I do have are mine, and I get to choose what I do with them. So, quick question for stay at home moms/ homepreneurs, how do you manage your day? And what tips do you have to share?


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  1. Do whatever makes you happy, making your husband’s breakfast just shows how much you appreciate all he does for you and your family, he is your gift from God. I’m sure he does so much more for you, luv you guys and hope to see you soon. Thanks for taking Gloria to see Babycakes,lol

    1. I love this Toyer! I truly admire you and your drive. Looking forward to all of the advice that everyone gives as I end my teaching career and begin my entrepreneurial mom/wife life.

      Way to go! ☺️

      1. Thanks so much Ebony!! And I’m so excited for you!! Let me know when you make that move maybe we can be accountability partners ☺️!! Help keep each other on track. Lol 😂

    2. Thank you Anita!! I know that with you guys being entrepreneurs you have all the great advice lol !!! And no problem we don’t see enough of each other living in the same city !! We have to do better

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