Hey Guys I was sitting around thinking that I don’t give candle melts enough recognition. I’m always talking about candles and how great they are,but there are some people who may prefer to not burn candles. Below are some instances where I have used candle wax melts instead of candles around my home.

My Bathroom

I personally love for my bathrooms to have a great aroma at all times. This is where I use candle wax melts the most. I place a wax burner in my bathroom and pop a candle wax melt in there every once in a while to make sure the aroma stays strong and last for a long time. This is great for me because I have that constant fragrance in that area of the house and I don’t have to maintain (check out my blog on candle safety) and watch it as I would a lit candle.

My Car

Another place I love to use a candle wax melt is in my car. Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but Houston can get really hot during the warmer months and when I place a wax melt in my car, it  soften and throws the amazing scent of my favorite candle. On cozy cooler days, my car heater heats up the car causing the wax melt to slowly release sweet aromas. This is really useful when Chad (my son) leaves his stinky football equipment in the car. Just place the wax melt in a plastic bag so it doesn’t damage your car’s interior.  Now boom! You have a creative alternative for a car air fresher!  Which I’m currently working on. Lol (shameless product plug)

There’s a candle option for everyone.

Lastly, There is a candle wax option for everyone. For those who have complained of soot and smoke coming from the jar candles, please enjoy the same great smell now created in our candle wax melt.  Candle wax melts are  great for the environment plus they don’t generate soot.  Other perks about candle wax melts include free of flames, clipping wicks and all other maintenance you have with burning a candle.

For my candle lovers, you can also use wax warmers!! There have been many times I have placed my candle on top of the wax warmer, taking complete advantage of every ounce of fragrance in my candle jar.

Wax burners come in all different sizes and shapes and can match any decor, making melting your wax look stylish and discreet.  Wax warmers can be purchased anywhere Walmart , Target , and Amazon.

Tell me which do you prefer Candles or Candle Melts?