Why would I buy a candle , Reason #1 candle gifts!!

Hi Guys !!! It's me Toyer So I was sitting around and thought to myself why would I buy a candle? The first thing that comes to my mind are candles make gift giving easy. Did you know that 7 out of 10 homes burn candles?  I'm sure you know someone who loves a great smelling candle that you could send them today . Candles gifts are small luxury items that aren't expensive and can be personalized to the person you're gifting. So whether you're getting a custom candle or trying out one of our signature TC Candle and More candles you really can't go wrong when it comes to gifting a friend, associate or family member.

Do you know someone  having a birthday?

Some gift ideas would be a custom Happy Birthday Bestie personalized candle. [caption id="attachment_5328" align="alignnone" width="351" height="299" alt="Birthday candle gifts"]Birthday candle gifts Custom Birthday Candle[/caption]

Gift Baskets 

Our signature TC Candles and More candle and some added goodies to make a cute gift basket. [caption id="attachment_1059" align="alignleft" width="300" height="225" alt=""] Signature TC Candles and More Candle[/caption]
  • bubble bath from Tuesday Morning
  • loofah from Marshalls
  • bath salts
  • cute basket from Hobby Lobby or Michaels
And Bam you have a cute gift that didn't take much to put together but looks expensive and well thought out.

Maybe you know someone getting married!!!

A great gift idea would a custom Just Married candle with the happy couple's wedding date and name. [caption id="attachment_5329" align="alignnone" width="300" height="283" alt=""] custom wedding candle[/caption] Or a candle from our TC Candles and more signature candle collection and a bottle of champagne for the newlyweds I recently  gifted the candle above to a friend and they're going to burn their candle on their one year anniversary, I thought that was a fantastic idea.

Lastly Christmas Gifts

Christmas is around the corner and you may have clients you want to show your appreciation to.  Our tin travel sized candles are perfect or our signature candles. [caption id="attachment_667" align="alignleft" width="300" height="169" alt=""] Candle Holder Gift basket[/caption] Check Out our website , maybe there are some ideas you have in mind already Please comment below some other ideas you can pair with our candles or any custom ideas you can think of.

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