If I'm Yours then You're Mine: The Duality of Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day Protocol

February 14th rounds the corner in a little more than a week. Chocolates, roses, champagne, teddy bears, and lingerie are all in abundance in anticipation for one of the greatest days to promote love. Beautiful, right? Who doesn’t want to be adored by a loved one on a special day? Over the course of Valentine’s history, a strange yet accepted idea has blossomed in society. Valentine’s day has become the day for men to show their love and appreciation to the lady of his life. Ask any man in a committed relationship the ramifications for missing out on love’s greatest day of public displays of affection. It is NOT pretty. A man without a Valentine’s gift is soon to be without a Valentine!

Challenging the Status Quo

The idea quietly persists on the one-sidedness of this appreciation. How is it that if Valentine’s is a celebration of love, only women are traditionally catered to on this day? Even though it is a sweet and loving gesture, why is the expectation not present for women to reciprocate this same public display of affection with the same enthusiasm as their male counterpart. After all, appreciation knows no gender as it speaks to the heart, the mind, and soul. Are women being allowed an unnecessary pass towards showing their natural affection? What does Valentine’s Day represent for you and your love? Ladies, are you expecting to receive and not give? Fellas, are you expecting to give and not receive? For the couples who express the duality of Valentine’s Day, how has this process worked in your relationship? Whatever you decide, let’s hope all roads will lead to some invocation of the butt-naked scent, and all it implies.

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