Have Yourself a Selfish Little Christmas

Nothing ushers in the Christmas spirit quite like the aromas of the season. The fresh, crisp scent of snow, or the aromatic presence of pine floating through the winter breeze, it all helps to trigger the warmth of the holidays. As age meets memories, it seems harder to fall under the spells of the Christmas spirit. Back when we were ten, it was so easy to be caught up in the intrigue of Santa Claus, presents, and of course, Christmas vacation! Aaah, to be young and free again! Again... Let’s talk about this for a moment. "Adulting" often robs us of these childhood experiences. As a result, we focus less on the simple joys of the heart, and more on the layered surprises connected with life. From our shifted focus from self to our children, or the daily journey towards realizing our passion and dreams, slowly, we have morphed into a place we never knew existed, and unfortunately, are clueless in how to navigate happiness towards it. Not just any kind of happiness, but a selfish kind. For some reason, the first mothers neglected to include directions on how to take care of self in the great mothering handbook (read by no mother ever) because  self care is eliminated upon introduction to motherhood, right? NO! It simply becomes an under nurtured skill, and it is time for mother’s to reclaim this practice! This Christmas, it is imperative that we take time recreate new scents for our life. Maybe we won’t get to enjoy the fresh scent of snow, well, unless we are shoveling it, but perhaps we might be encouraged by choosing a personal Christmas scent for the new memories being crafted in life. One that encourages self preservation and mental rest and tranquility. Everyday upon entering the sanctuary of your home, choose something that speaks to your Christmas spirit! Whether it is an apple pecan sage, or a spiced cranberry,  allow the aroma to feel you with your own special holiday cheer, and help foster the burgeoning appreciation of Christmas memories in the land of adulthood.

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