Harvesting our Christmas Magic

No matter what anyone says, or how life tries to make you feel, Christmas still holds this intangible magic and mysticism desired by all. The idea of “peace on earth” and “goodwill towards men” tends to resonate with our spirits. Our realities are filled with misfortune in life, love, or finances, but Christmas is the one time of year when we move beyond these barriers and celebrate the best of humanity.

Spreading the Magic

  Before we return to being preoccupied with the massive weights of the world, allow yourself to fall into your dreams and relish in the moment. Cherish the morning fragrance of blueberry muffins, to spark your holiday cheer. Take a moment--be happy! Life cycles very quickly, but for this day, treasure the best within us and spread the Christmas magic! Image result for abstract christmas modern png This Christmas, may the desires of your heart truly be fulfilled! May your hearts glimmer with a joyous hope sustainable through the start and passage of the new year. May opportunities be plentiful, and partnerships be prosperous. Allow positivity to breed in your spirit, and the goodness of your soul to touch all who are near and dear.   May all your wishes upon a Christmas candle come to pass.    

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