Creating Zen Space Inside Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary – and should be a place or relaxation. That's why it's important to create a Zen Space. When you come home after a long day’s work, you don’t want to walk into a mess. You want all of the dishes put away, you want dinner to already, magically, be on the table, you want the kids to be well-behaved and working on their homework, and you want the love of your life to be waiting for you with open arms. How perfect does that sound? But also…how often does that actually happen? And in what world?? With all of the responsibilities and obligations we’ve incurred over the years from just living our lives, it’s way too easy to get caught up - caught up in work, school, relationships, parenting, etc. We’re so busy making sure our world doesn’t fall apart that we don’t notice when we start to unravel ourselves. We have a responsibility to our own wellbeing, as much as we do to any of the other aspects of our lives. In fact, I might even argue that we have a greater responsibility to take care of ourselves. After all, if we’re not running optimally, then nothing is! Or, even if we are miraculously able to manage our current workload, imagine how much more efficient, relaxed, and happy we’d be if we were operating closer to 100%. I believe in the power of positivity and the power of self. The two are directly related. If you feel good, you feel good about yourself. If you feel good about yourself, you feel good about your world. It’s all a matter of perspective.
And what’s the key to a clear and focused perspective?
A clear mind.
Your mind is your own private and secret sanctuary. You can retreat into it whenever you need a moment to yourself, and you can mold and shape it into whatever kind of vibe you’re after. But whether you have a creative or analytical mind, it should be a source of strength for you. Time should be spent on flexing your mental muscles, but you should also Just chill. There’s a reason why meditation has been around for centuries, and why we’re seeing a resurgence in its popularity these day. We’re not taking the time to find solitude, quiet, and peacefulness, so our head space is always cluttered and chaotic. It’s like we’re trying to conduct an orchestra with Yeezy blasting in the background. We need to minimize distractions – mental or otherwise – whenever possible. Here are a few tips you can implement today to create a zen area within your home. Use it to meditate, read, write, or just sit…it’s totally up to you! This should be your personal space where you can relax, refocus, and re-energize.

Find the Zen Space

To create a quiet space, you need to find space. I know that’s obvious, but it can be hard for some people! Depending on your living situation, it can be difficult to find any alone time. Remember the woman with quadruplets who was hiding in her own pantry from her own kids? Yeah…we’ve all been there. A good place to start creating your space can be in the corner of your bedroom. It’s already your own private quarters, even if you are sharing it with someone else. If that’s not an option, perhaps you’ve got an upstairs den that doesn’t get too much use. Or, you can look outside to the backyard, balcony, or patio. I’ve even seen people set up shop in the open space beneath their staircase. You’re just looking for somewhere that you can retreat to if you need to. It doesn’t have to be completely empty and quiet all the time, but you want to be able to carve out time within this area.

Find the Time

Which leads me to my next point. Wherever you choose to set up shop, there has to be some time during the day that the area is quiet. For example, if you choose your bedroom, there should be a window of time when your wife, husband, or whoever isn’t there….maybe right after they go to work in the morning or while they’re at the gym in the evenings. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner for help in getting your alone time, too. Can they watch the kids and block interruptions for 15 minutes while you take a much-needed mental break? However you do it, make sure the timing is also optimal for you. For me, I do really well in the evenings. I can reflect on my day and look forward to a restful sleep. Alternatively, some people like to start their day off with some quiet time to help them organize their day and set their intention. Of course, another option is a midday reset.

Get back to the elements

For the sake of your mind, you’ve got to connect with yourself, and without sounding too far out there, you’ve got to connect to the elements. Get back to nature and trust it to support you. A little bit of green can go a long way to brighten your space and purify the air around you. Take care of the plants you choose to occupy your space. Also, add some running water, if possible. If your space is indoors, there are lots of small fountains you can purchase. Running water implies movement and momentum, not to mention the sound of it is incredibly relaxing. These principles have been around for centuries in Feng Shui.

Set the aroma

Finally, when your eyes are shut and you’re alone with your thoughts, you should be able to breathe in whatever energy you’re after. If you want to be energized, choose an invigorating scent to give you a boost. If you prefer your alone time in the evening, maybe try a more relaxing scent to help you unwind. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Tell me what you do to chill out and recharge yourself mentally!

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