How to Convey an Emotion or Mood With Scents

They say scent is the sense that is most closely tied to our emotions or mood. And I know you’ve experienced it! Think about the last time you smelled something that immediately triggered a memory for you – or if not a specific memory, maybe just a strong feeling of nostalgia. Perhaps you can’t quite place where you know the scent from, but it can still take you back to a time and place that you’d once experienced. Hopefully, it’s a time and place that you were fond of. There’s nothing better than walking into your mother’s house as she’s cooking up some of your old childhood favorites. Or how about the relaxation that comes over you as you drive closer and closer to the beach, with the ocean breeze sneaking up on you? One of my personal favorites, and one that I think most people tend to forget about, is how comforting and familiar it can feel to walk into your own home. The scents are familiar to you and they can’t be replicated anywhere else. They’re completely unique to you and the ones you love most in the world. What better feeling is there? One of the reasons why I got into the candle business in the first place is because I loved the process of creating scent. Nothing can transform a room more than a well chosen candle. The scent can be as subtle or as strong as you see fit, but however you choose, it sets the mood and personality of the room. It complements the décor, the weather, and the season. In a way, it’s a direct reflection on you! That said, there’s a bit of a responsibility involved when choosing the right scent for your room. You should play to your own personal preferences, of course, but also be aware of the effect the scent may have on your guests. For me, I know I like very strong scents, but that may not be preferable for most others. So, I keep my strong candles in my own private rooms, and opt for something more subtle in the public living areas. Here are some ideas for scents that could help you set the mood you’re after:

Cozy and Welcoming

Nothing quite says “welcome home” like freshly baked goods. Imagine your grandmother pulling hot muffins from the oven right when you walk in. Or maybe you’re going home to celebrate a birthday, and the aroma of vanilla frosting is still lingering in the air. There’s no better feeling! Family plus yummy scents equals a super cozy home. TC Blueberry Muffin Scented Candle TC Vanilla Scented Candle

Summer Time

I know it’s winter, but these crazy weather patterns we’ve been having in Houston lately have definitely been putting me in a summery mood! 80 degree days in January? Yes, please. To help mentally prepare for the warmer months, I love to feel like I’m close to the ocean. Salty air and sunny skies are already calling out to me, and on particularly warm days, a good sea scent can transport me to right to beach. TC Ocean Mist Scented Candle

Relaxing and Chill Mood

If you want you home to be a place of refuge, where people can come in from the world outside, put their feet up, and chill, then you’ve got to go with a relaxing and therapeutic scent. There are several scents that can evoke this emotion, but lavender seems to be a go-to for many people, including me. There’s a reason for that, too – nothing compares to it! This is a particularly great scent for the bedroom, or even for the master bathroom. It’s fresh, clean, and floral, but not overpowering with sweetness. TC Lavender Scented Candle


Sometimes, the occasion calls for a bit of class and glam. When you think of these things, what are the scents you associate with it? You’re probably thinking about perfume or cologne – things you would notice traces of on the people who attend such events. There are a few different directions you can go with it, and it’s up to your own personal preference. I find that complex and multifaceted scents do well here. There’s something for everyone wrapped up into one scent, but no one aspect is too overpowering. There should be just enough sweetness to prevent the room from getting too musky, but enough depth to keep it from being too saccharine. TC Black Tie Scented Candle

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