Contact Required (love)

Love is a contact sport.

It is. There is no way to be a part of it without actually, well, being part of it. For too many, we tend to be spectators with enough ambition to play the game, but not enough nerve to actually do it. We know the moves we would execute on love’s football field. We know exactly how we would want to feel; how we would respond. We sit anxiously in the stands waiting for Coach Cupid to call upon us for our chance at the big play. Problem is, coaches typically don’t call any players from the stands!

Unfortunately for us, we are living our fullest life as spectators to the big game.

Some of the best players are watching others play a game they have mentally perfected, yet fear keeps them from engaging in the physical aspects of it all. This fear can stem from the hurt felt after losing love or even experiencing it’s elusiveness. Fear should never be the reason we allow ourselves to place a limit on our value or expectations. In its most natural state, fear produces fortitude. It helps us to acknowledge our limitations and choose whether or not to persist. With this notion, coupled with the rapidly approaching new year, a resolution seems most appropriate for the tender-hearted souls in search of love. We can call it “The Lover’s Play” (in keeping with our football metaphor.) First, set the atmosphere for optimism. Light a mellowing fragrance like a Lavender Scented Candle or an Ocean Mist.  Allow the comforts of the fragrance to help breed confidence in your spirit. Follow this by allowing peace to flow through your essence. Recognize the hurt hindering you and resolve to push past it. Prepare yourself for contact. Approach an attractive prospect. Allow rejection to be a weight that makes your endurance stronger. Flirt a little. Date even more! Make time to develop romance and to be romanced. This is the year to experience the grit and the glory of the game of love. Even with the bumps and the bruises, the experience drives the emotion. Just remember two things: Engage with caution, and always wear your helmet!

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