Allow me to introduce myself

Hey guys, it me Toyer! So I was sitting and thinking about my next blog and realized I haven’t really formally introduced myself. I’ve been advertising my candles and you don’t know a thing about me. So I decided that in this blog post I would be as transparent as a I can be and talk about me and how this business all got started and what I’m hoping to accomplish.

Who am I?

So I’m a 36 year old mom of 3 from Memphis, TN, who now resides in Houston, TX. I moved to Houston back in 2011 with my boyfriend, who is now my husband, my daughter and a baby in my belly. At the time I was working in the IT field and thought that was my forever career. And then as fate would have it,  I bought my mom a candle starter kit.

And So It Began!!

My mom start making candles and selling them to her co-workers and business was booming, but candle making was far from my mind.  My husband is an entrepreneur and I’ve watched him start from the bottom to what seemed quickly rise to the top. I started to become jealous. LOL here I am everyday fighting traffic going to work. Rising early in the morning to go to a job I wasn’t happy with and he’s still in the cozy bed every morning.  I thought to myself I need to start a business!!! I want the freedom he has. I wanted to get up when I want and do what I love. So, I tried to teach myself to sew. I didn’t realize how hard it is to sew!!! I made a couple of head pieces and a purse and was like ok this isn’t for me!!! Man I gave up on that pretty quickly!! Anyway let’s get back to my mom and her candles. So she was doing pretty well with the candles and was making some pretty good shoe money.  So I decided I would do the same thing here in Houston. And so it began!!

TC Candles and More was born.

OK, so I started buying candle supplies and making candles and candle melts. I was so excited!!! It was easy. It was something that everyone loved and I was ready to take on this new business. My husband, the entrepreneur, thought BIG. His thoughts were of getting my candles in stores. However getting them in stores meant we needed professional packaging, a great logo and quality brand. So we spoke with some friends in the packaging industry and boom, I had a new look and new logo and I was, in the words of Tiffany Haddish “She Ready, HHHHHEEEEYYYY”. Well at least I thought I was. smh.

Trusting the Process

So, now I have this new look and brand and I have no idea what to do with it lol. I’m not a sales person I’m an IT Girl who’s shy when it comes to talking to people! How am I going to sell these things? Well, through watching my husband and with trial and error I’m doing it!!! I’m coming out of my shell and I’m selling candles. I’m talking to people and I’m putting myself out there. If you are thinking about starting a business, I will tell you this! It’s like an emotional rollercoaster. You’re going to have good days and bad days but, “the race is not given to the swift, nor the strong, but to  the one who endures until the end”. And BABY I am enduring!!!  I will not give up. My desire is to have a top rated online store. I will sell my candles in local stores while helping others gain freedom through my affiliate program. With that being said, shop my candles today guys, tell your friends about us spread the word!!! Hahahahaha. OK guys have a blessed day and talk with you soon.

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