Romance in the new millennium

Image result for sexy romantic candles Old school kind of romance... Back in the not too distant past, a basic romantic evening could be generally summed as a combination of roses, self-made mixed cds with the best of R. Kelly, Joe, Blulight (hello) and Silk. Light a few candles, and the ambiance was set. This was the standard idea for romance. However, with age does come wisdom. A dear friend posted on Facebook how truly uninterested she was in receiving flowers! Furthermore, she preferred something more enlightening like suggested reading materials. This was such a revelation! The idea of romance and its application has peaked my interest. Image result for romantic evening gif The art of romance is one mastered by few. This might be attributed to the underwhelming push for it amongst today’s youth, but in its own right, romance is something for all to appreciate. The tantalization of our natural senses is addictive. Evaluating the old standard of flowers, candles, and music proves this as the flowers speak to our visual stimulation, candles connect with our senses, and music aids in auditory pleasure. For a vast number of conventional people this idea works, but what about the unconventional lovers? What's new, love? Admittingly, the acts which titillated my emotions in the past are still very similar with evidence of some evolution. Romance is no longer simply confined into the cute idealistic presentation, but widely spread across action, gestures, glances, and instances. A cooked meal, cleaned house (and children), the opportunity to relax in a quiet embrace can do just as much as Robert Kelly used to do! This is not to say that a nice fragrance such as Black Tie and a little Luther wouldn’t do just as nicely! However, ideas for exploring romance are always desired. For the thrill-seekers, what antics might best concoct the perfect aura for lovers to vibe? In the new millennium, what adventures have arisen in the romance stratosphere? Share your experiences below!

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