Getting Your Guest Room Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are officially here! After an amazing Thanksgiving, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things, but as you all know, Christmas is just around the corner.

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All of December, for me, is pretty much a time for parties, friends, and family. For many of us, that usually means that our guest room finally gets a little use. But when’s the last time you set foot in yours? Last Christmas? Even before that?

It could probably stand to be updated a bit. Obviously, wash the sheets and dust everything - but what else could you be doing to make your guest’s stay more luxurious than ever? How can you make them feel so welcome that they’ll want to stay with you again next year (assuming you want them to…)?


Is your guest coming to spend Christmas with you? Bring some of the holiday spirit right into their room! You’ve already decorated the rest of the house, so it wouldn’t hurt to continue your efforts in some of the more overlooked spaces.

One of my favorite things to do is add a tiny Christmas tree. How tiny exactly depends on the size of the room. If you have some space to work with, you can put a small tree (~3 ft tall) on the floor in the corner. Be sure to decorate it like you would any other tree! I personally can’t have a Christmas tree without lights, so I’m a big fan of pre-lit trees. 

If your space is more limited, a desktop tree is an option. Place it on the vanity, or even on a bedside table. Have two bedside tables? Get two trees! Play with the size and dimensions available to you for the best effect.


On that note, the holidays aren’t the holidays if they aren’t well lit. There are a few ways to do this.

String lights can take a room to another level, especially when it comes to adding some festivity. You can really be creative here, too. Maybe you can hang them across the ceiling for a canopy effect (this works better if you have a higher ceiling). Or, if you’ve got prominent bedposts, try wrapping them with the lights. Another option to consider is outlining the floor of the room with the lights, but just be sure that there are no small children or animals in the room.

Don’t forget to play with lighting levels, too. Most rooms already have a primary top light, but I would argue that the mid-level is the most critical. Lamps are good for injecting some personality into the room, and by placing them strategically, you can give your guest several lighting options. The obvious places for lamps are on the bedside tables, but also consider putting a floor lamp in an otherwise dark corner. If your guest room has a small reading area, of course add a lamp there. Pay close attention to the balance of light, especially when you consider any additional holiday lights you may be adding.

For low-level lighting, consider a night light. I know – it sounds like something you’d only include for a kid’s room, but it can be helpful in a guest room. The guest isn’t totally familiar with the room – the furniture layout, where they stashed their suitcase, where the wall outlets are – so a small light can be just enough to keep them from tripping over something in the middle of the night. Of course, they always have the option of unplugging the night light!


Again playing to the season, flowers and plants can do so much to liven up a room and your guests’ spirits. In the wintertime, poinsettias definitely add some color to an otherwise dreary season, but I’m also a big fan of greenery.

There are tons of winter flowers you can add, too. Christmas roses, or hellebores, are clean, light, and fragrant. Also, witch hazels, or winterblooms, come in a variety of warm colors and their textures can make any floral bouquet much more interesting.

Pinecones are also one of my favorite things about this season. You can probably go outside and just grab a few. If you want to dress them up a little, try dusting them with some white spray paint to mimic the snow. Personally, I tend to up the bling on my pinecones – I opt for gold spray paint, instead. You can really get creative when it comes to decorating pinecones, but don’t overlook the beauty of a plain one. 


Of course, what room would be complete if it didn’t have some sweet-smelling candles in there?

Candles are great for guest rooms because they serve multiple purposes. The scents can lend themselves to whatever atmosphere you’re trying to create. Not only that, but they add another layer of lighting to the room.  The warmth and character a flame can bring is also especially welcome in the winter months.

I like to change out the candles in my home periodically, and my guest room is no exception. This is an opportunity to drive the holiday feeling home for my guest! For an extra cozy feeling, try these scented candles from my holiday collection

Let me know what you do to make your guests feel extra cozy and welcome!

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