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About Me

Hi, I'm Toyer Cathey founder and owner of TC Candles and more. I started this company back in 2015 in hopes of having more financial freedom and spending more time with my family. I'm most passionate about creating meaningful gifts and building things with my hands. I get a sense of accomplishment when creating new products or come up with new ideas to grow my business. Learn More


 This candle smells sexy, relaxing and is long lasting. I don’t even have to light it, and my home smells decadent with the soft notes of coconut, vanilla and a soft fruity peach, not too overbearing, just right… Long burn. I also have the blueberry one. Both smell great!!

Mina Alonge

OMG! This is the BEST candle EVER! It smells just a sensual as the name implies. The packaging is also super cute and chic. Awesome customer service.

Ebony Douglas


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